We can help you achieve a successful finished landscape project in several ways. Below is a list of the services that LANDesignBuild can provide to turn your vision into a reality.

Consultation Only – An houly rate ‘garden coach’ called upon when you are doing work yourself and need a professional’s advicelandscape architectural drawing

Conceptual Master Plan – A rendered drawing that illustrates how each element within your landscape will be laid out and how those elements will relate to each other. This drawing is where we put your dreams on paper. When this drawing is complete, the results are used to develop the rough budget numbers to see how the design correlates to the budget. The plan is then revised, if necessary, in order to stay within the budget. It is typically is a measured site plan that shows critical existing features and proposed features. This drawing, when approved, then becomes the blue print for the construction drawings.

Construction Drawings – Construction drawings can include several sheets, depending on the complexity of the master plan. These drawings are used by various trades such as a landscape contractor, carpenters, masons, etc. to complete concise bids for installing the work as designed. Typically includes:

  • Hardscape Plan: Dimensional layout of all hardscape elements (such as patios, walks and decks) with material callouts. May include a construction detail sheet with construction details for the various elements.
  • Planting Plan: Scaled layout of all trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, groundcovers and lawn with lists of quantizes, container sizes, botanical and common names plant material. Planting Notes
  • Irrigation Plan: Scaled layout of Irrigation plan to show spay and drip irrigation systems, the controller (that operates them automatically) and valve locations
  • Night lighting Plan: Scaled layout of lighting wiring, fixture type orientation and location, bulb watt size, transformer size(s) and location(s)