Thank you for remaking our garden in such a remarkable way! We had just wanted to make it presentable for sale but the ideas you had for new path and patio have given the property an entirely new living room! The plants are filling in beautifully this spring and I am sure will be a delight to all our prospective buyers.

Mary and John Schwartz

LANDesignBuild gave us a young garden again. We had a hillside of juniper and ivy. It was boring and a fire hazard. We had seen their work at a friend’s house and were impressed with the transformation of the back yard there. We couldn’t be happier with our new slope of groundcover roses and lavender. It is so beautiful and smells wonderful. The team was prompt and careful and finished every detail.

Clara McKinley

Thank you for helping me create something new and wonderful from a definite negative. I would never have thought to make a bog garden from the drainage problem we had. The natural seepage from the slope is still all we need for these beautiful plants five years later. Our friends with drought tolerant plantings are jealous of what we are able to grow here. Thank you for your clever and workable ideas.

John Witon

We wanted to make our outdoors a showpiece and a haven. Thank you for incorporating so much play space and viewing areas into our plan. From the beginning, you focused on our wishes and needs. We really feel like the best outcome was had here. It will be our pride for many years to come.

Janna Corbin and Diana Anderson

We really had a blank slate here and were totally at a loss as to what to do other than lawn. The things you showed us! The process you took us through helped us so much to identify what we would need, what we would like and how we could use the garden. When we were able to have an edible garden area that looked great and a water fountain (that worked!), the garden became our favorite thing about our home and the center of our family life. We have received many compliments on our new yard from friends and neighbors thanks to you.

Heather Weiss

It is obvious to me that your design training has really given you an edge on color composition. As a painter, I thought I could do this alone but your eye and your horticultural knowledge really showed me that teaming up with you could result in a more ‘artful’ garden. I especially was impressed at the different night-lighting techniques that gave me a ‘moon garden’ and visual textures on the wall. The stone chosen was amazing wet or dry. None of this interfered with getting more useable space than I had. The transplanting of existing specimen plants to new location where they worked much better was a success. They have all survived. I hope you will continue to consult on the project over the years as I plan to purchase more sculpture for the garden.

David Eichorn